Spreadsheet Alternatives

According to Gartner, 50% of large size and 75% of mid size companies still use spreadsheets or legacy applications for budgeting, planning and forecasting. Given the issues spreadsheets cause coupled with the ever-increasing need for speed and accuracy, organisations are looking to alternatives – but what choices do they face?Basically there are two:
  • They can either create their own system using a combination of IT tools, but this is often prohibitively expensive to do and maintain, or
  • They can buy a mainstream planning/reporting solution, also known as CPM, but this too can be a very costly alternative – or is it?
Planning and reporting systems have been around for more than 40 years. Today the market is dominated by large Database / ERP vendors such as SAP, Oracle and IBM, who provide solutions with a price tag as big as their turnover. It’s not uncommon for organisations to pay more than £100,000 for the software alone, and then find they have to invest many months in training and consultancy fees just to get the system up and working.And the costs do not stop there. There are software maintenance fees to pay that are often 10 – 20% of the total purchase cost, and despite the claims, administrators have to acquire a range of technical skills to keep the application working in the organisations evolving IT environment. So perhaps it’s no wonder that organisations stick with their spreadsheets.But things are changing. In the same way that email systems and information sharing on the Internet used to be expensive, there is now a new breed of planning and reporting application that is re-writing the way organisations buy and use technology.  Financial Driver is a such an application that is perfect for those organisations who want to move away from spreadsheets for the collection and consolidation of financial information, but who are wary of the cost and complexity of modern CPM solutions.Try Financial Driver today for your planning and reporting needs. It’s a low cost, low risk and simple alternative to spreadsheets.

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