Speeding up your budget process ...

Transforming the budget process needn’t be expensive or take many years to achieve. By applying the simple ‘best practices’ outlined in this booklet along with a model built using Financial Driver, that change can be made within a few days and at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.In this booklet we look at why budgeting is often referred to as “... the most ineffective practice in management” and what organisations can do to change this. This includes practical ways in which budgeting can be turned into a more manageable process that adds real value to the business by:*  Involving more people in deciding where resources should be placed*  Ensuring that the budget numbers are both realistic and achievable*  Speeding up the whole process while at the same time reducing the effort involvedIt also looks at the role of technology and what impact the right software can have on those involved in the budget process.This booklet, based on many years of experience in implementing ‘best practice’ systems in some of the world’s leading organisations, will help you transform the budgeting process where you work.To receive your copy, complete the following form and we'll send it to you in an email[contact-form-7 id="1166" title="Application Book"]

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