Setting up an application

Simple, financial management solution

Setting up an application within Financial Driver is simple and quick. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to collect a budget or forecast, or you want to extend an existing application to report actual results, you’ll find the process a whole lot easier than using a spreadsheet.Financial Driver has a straightforward menu system that guides you through the process. It starts out by defining the users involved – i.e. which users are responsible from which departments and their role.Next, you define the organisation structure that will be used to consolidate submissions. This is accomplished through an intuitive drag and drop interface. Then you define the years to be covered by the model and the time intervals (e.g. weeks, months, etc) that make up a year.Finally you set up the accounts and how they are grouped. For example, which accounts make up the P&L, what makes up the Balance Sheet and so on. For each account you define its natural sign, the exchange rate type (if applicable), and any calculation rules that are to be applied. This is useful for when defining ratios or setting up driver-based budgets. And that’s it – you are now ready to collect budgets, forecasts or report actual results, which we’ll cover in options shown on the right.

Automatic version control

The great thing about Financial Driver is that when you come to make changes in the future, for example to add new accounts or change the organisation structure, then all changes are automatically applied to every user without having to re-issue data entry sheets or send out files. This ensures that everyone is always on the same version.

Simple to use - quick to set up

Financial Driver has all the capabilities you will ever need to plan, collect and monitor budgets or forecasts.  There are no programming languages to learn, macros to write or database syntax to master.  The result is a solution that accountants can use to manage performance on a continuous basis, but without having to rely on IT.

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