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Provide quick and accurate reports and analyses

The Challenge:

Do you use spreadsheets for reports and analyses? Do you find it a struggle because you can't enter enough data; only one person at a time can use them; and because it's hard to tell if the report contains the latest data because of version problems?

The Solution:

If you have a central database you'll be able to provide quicker and more accurate reports. Better still, imagine if this system can be accessed by multiple people, but you can control the data they are allowed to see and at what time. Sounds too good to be true?

Financial Driver makes all of the above possible. From its central, on-line database, users have access either through the built-in reporting system, or from Excel, where they can continue to use the spreadsheets' extensive formatting and reporting capabilities. But in each case, reports access the latest data so there is only ever ONE version of the truth.

The Results:

By using a central, Cloud-based reporting tool, such as Financial Driver, you can provide reports and analyses to all those that need them, but without having to create and distribute individual report templates.

Financial Driver combines data from multiple sources into its central data repository and can provide you with a straight-forward, familiar interface to build your own reports any time, anywhere, and on any internet device. Not only will your managers love you, but you'll spend less time and effort doing the work. Sounds good to us.

Share your issues and contact us today and let's see if together we can find ways to help you provide a range of reports aligned to your specific business users.



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