Financial Driver is a low cost easy-to-use Cloud based financial solution, which can be used to build a range of applications that solve real-world planning and reporting issues. Financial Driver is a cloud based planning and reporting application which means you don't need to buy or maintain any software or hardware. All you need is an Internet enabled device.

With Financial Driver you can easily collect and consolidate data from multiple departments and locations. Financial Driver has been designed for accountants by accountants to support the financial needs of different industries including commercial, not-for-profit, government and public bodies.

We've designed Financial Driver to support all your financial planning needs from financial budgeting, forecasting through to the reporting of KPI's and performance measures.


Central database – At the heart of a Financial Driver application is a central database that is personal to each company. It initially contains one administrator user who can then set up other users and control what they are allowed to see and what they can do by.

Security – Each person is given their own log-in ID and password and security profile, which provides access to the solution through a secure Internet connection.

Multi-Currency – Data entered in a local currency is converted to the organisation's base currency, in accordance with International Accounting Standards.
Setting up – Administrators can be build and support the whole application on line. With its intuitive interface the solution is simple to administer and quick learn to use in hours rather than weeks. Included is the ability to create templates from data entry, data loading and reporting to simplify each data collection process.

Workflow – shows the submission status of each process. Users are locked out once data is submitted and you can see who is still to start or overdue. Automatic messages can be set up to remind users too.
Reporting – Users have a choice of using either our online reporting capabilities or via a secure link to the database which respect the security profiles, bring data into Excel for local offline use and utilising excel formatting.

Anytime, anywhere access – Because it's online, data collected by Financial Driver is always available, at any location, and on any Internet enabled device. And unlike a spreadsheet, there is only ever 'one version' to deal with. Any changes to structures are ready for users when they next log in.

FD Planner

P&L, balance sheet, cash flow budgeting and forecasting for SME's, Not for Profits and larger organisations

FD Sales Planner

Supporting sales managers and their teams with weekly, monthly and quarterly sales budgets and forecasts

FD Pro

Allowing you to build on our applications where you have more specific business requirements


With its no fuss flexible build, you are only limited by your imagination on using the solution to collate and report your business data. If you have a problem or application area which isn’t covered here, then CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you on how we can help.



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