Online data collection

Request data submissions at anytime

Data can be requested from users at any time and for any version.  To initiate a collection, administrators simply select the accounts to be included, for example the P&L and Department Expenses schedules, the version (e.g. budget, forecast) and the timescale for which data is required, (e.g. January through December of next year).They then select the departments that are to submit this data, and the deadline by which submissions are due. Once this is done, Financial Driver takes over and ‘distributes’ links to the various users involved.

Secure, intelligent access

As part of the set up, Financial Driver knows which users are responsible for which departments, along with their email address. With this knowledge it is able to notify them automatically and provide an embedded link that takes each user, via their web browser, to a preformatted data entry screen that only shows their data.This screen has a spreadsheet-like interface where they can enter data directly and add textual information concerning the submission. Alternatively users can upload a file from a General Ledger or any other external system, saving them time in re-typing numbers. Data loaded in this way can be reviewed and adjusted as required through the worksheet interface.Once data entry has started, users can choose whether they want to ‘save’ or ‘submit’ their data. The ‘save’ option means that it can be amended at a later time, whereas the ‘submit’ option indicates that data entry is complete and the submission is awaiting approval. Users are locked out of making changes to submitted data unless authorised by an administrator.

Streamlining the consolidation process

All data entered is held in the central, hosted database, irrespective of its status. At no time do administrators need to load files or combine them to produce a consolidated result.If data was submitted in a local currency, it will be converted into the organisation’s base currency and consolidated according to International Accounting Standards. All data held is immediately available for reporting and analysis but without the need for transmitting, combining or manipulating multiple spreadsheets.

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