No Nonsense Guide to Corporate Budgeting

Everyone knows that budgeting can be a time-consuming, pointless exercise and yet it's something that organisations continue to do year in and year out.For some it is a ritual conducted by the high priest of finance where costs are to be reigned in and revenues grown, despite what the economic forecast may show.With other organisations it's an annual numbers guessing game facilitated by the handing out of spreadsheets upon which guesses are submitted and then collated, only to be rejected and participants asked to 'guess again'.In most organisations, budgeting is a broken process.  Surveys show that:
  • 75% of companies take 3 months or longer to complete the budget process
  • 75% of budgets are believed to be 'sandbagged'
  • 70% of budgets loose their validity within 3 months of being set
No wonder that Jack Welch, the ex chairman of GE called it "the most ineffective practice in management".

Fixing the budget process

But it doesn't have to be this way.  Working with our partners  we have produced a 'no-nonsense' guide to improving the corporate budgeting process.  Based on many years of experience in implementing effective budgeting solutions for hundreds of organisations, this booklet is aimed at those organisations frustrated with their current process and who want to transform it into a valuable management activity.  And what's more it's free.To request your copy, complete the following form and we'll send it to you via email.[contact-form-7 id="1681" title="No Nonsense Guide to Corporate Budgeting"]We guarantee that applying the straight-forward practices outlined in the booklet, will help you get control of budgeting and where the best use can be made of scarce company resources. 

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