How Financial Driver works

Financial Driver is a modern software planning and reporting application. It is cloud-based, which means you don't need to buy or maintain any software or hardware. All you need is an Internet enabled device.Here is how it works:

Central database

At the heart of a Financial Driver application is a central database that is personal to each company. It initially contains one administrator user who can then set up other users and control what they are allowed to see and what they can do by. Each authorised person is given their own log-in ID and password, which they use to access the system through a secure Internet connection.Depending on their security profile, users are presented with straightforward screens to either administer an application, or to use one that has already been set up.Applications can be built that support, for example, the collection of budgets and forecasts, as well as monitoring actual results against plan. Data entered in a local currency is converted to the organisation’s base currency, in accordance with International Accounting Standards.For reporting purposes, users can make use of Excel’s formatting and charting capabilities, via a secure link to the database that ensures only the right people get access to the right data.

Anytime, anywhere access

Because it’s online, data collected by Financial Driver is always available, at any location, and on any Internet enabled device. And unlike a spreadsheet, there is only ever ‘one version’ to deal with. As the application changes, users automatically get the latest results. As data is entered it is automatically available for consolidation and analysis.

Comprehensive capabilities

Financial Driver provides all the capabilities required to manage an organisation’s planning and reporting processes, but without having to manipulate files, load or transfer data between systems. The result are streamlined processes that release accountants to go back to analyzing performance, and where the integrity of results are assured.To find out more about Financial Driver’s capabilities, select the options shown on the right.  

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