EXACT & FINANCIAL DRIVER Budgeting, Forecasting, Period Closes and Reporting

Online collaboration made simpler, faster and easy to use!

With Exact and Financial Driver working as one – you can build on-the-spot budgets, sales forecasts and reports to help manage your business.

Forget fiddly spreadsheets…

If you're new to Financial Driver – we're a Cloud-based application that replaces spreadsheets to prepare, collect and collate budgets, plans, revised forecasts or just to report actual results. Not sure what Exact is? Exact is easy to use online accounting software designed specifically for a wide range SMEs, whether in business or not for profit.

Financial Driver + Exact = easy solutions

Financial Driver was certified as one of the Exact add-ons in 2016.

Who is it for?

If you're an accountant in business or practice, and want to concentrate on how to review your business or providing pro-active financial advice to your clients – Financial Driver is the perfect tool to add to your toolkit. Financial Driver is not limited to accountants — if you need to collect data from a range of employees and need and online tool then we can work with you. In either case you have now outgrown using spreadsheets, whether you are a growing SME, a Not-for-profits or a larger business with a small budget, and looking for a cost-effective solution to help manage the organisation's finances we offer you a way to support your budgeting, forecasting and period end closes.

What can Financial Driver and Exact give you?

  • More time – no more fixing or re-entering data in spreadsheets.
  • Less admin – with tools at your fingertips to offer your extensive financial or business advice.
  • Make more money – now you have time to review and not collect – -then you can focus on your key areas where you can add value.

What do you get when you sign up to Financial Driver and Exact?

  • An online collaborative planning tool for setting budgets, collecting quick forecasts and creating management reports.
  • On-screen edits and selections.
  • Visibility of status – through Financial Driver you are able to track any changes to account structures and data on an ongoing basis.
  • Simplicity – Financial Driver is integrated with Exact and easy to use – think one-click: Connect with Exact and you're in, no third party software needed.
  • For those in practice an affordable way to generate revenue if offered as part of your own client offering where you set your own price.
  • A low-risk secure hosted application with anytime, anywhere access.
  • No software to install or maintain.

What is Exact?

Exact provides online software that's designed specifically for a range of growing businesses, be that manufacturing, distribution, not for profit or retail. Exact is for the entrepreneurial doers who want to improve, change and grow their product or business.

With Exact – everything is integrated and automated in one online package. ERP has never been so efficient.

The most important benefits:

  • Integrate your accounting and ERP into one package.
  • Automate time-consuming administrative work.
  • Take all business data with you, everywhere and at any time.
  • Work easily online together with your accountant.
Exact has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

Exact is one of the leading accounting, and industry-specific solutions for SMEs in the Accountancy, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Wholesale Distribution sectors.

Find out more or try Exact Online for 30 days free.

How does Financial Driver as a Exact add-on work?

  • Upload structure and data from Exact – import account structures and actual data from Exact directly into Financial Driver.
  • Use data to consolidate – the imported data from various business points can be consolidated to prepare a total business view within Financial Driver.
  • Hold multiple versions – able to store more than one version of budgets, plans and forecasts, then choose the one you want to load back to Exact.
  • Create and compare versions – you can use the data in Financial Driver to prepare new and compare versions of data, be that budgets, revised forecasts, plans etc.
  • Create comparative reports – you can use the results to create comparative reports and analyses either online or via Excel, giving you all the information at your fingertips to offer your clients extensive financial or business advice.
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