Corporate Budgeting Solutions

How to streamline the annual budget process to make it faster and more efficient

The Challenge:
Do you find budgeting a time-consuming process that has no connection to strategy and is often out of date within the first 3 months of the year? Does this leave you dissatisfied with the whole process?

The Solution:
You can improve your budget process through a number of easy-to-implement steps that include:

  • Associating budgets with business processes
  • Developing driver-based relationships between budget items
  • Making people responsible for the things they can control
  • Capture relevant and significant numbers only
  • Checking how realistic the budgets are
  • Making the process more dynamic
The Results:
An efficient and effective budget process is vital for organisations wishing to align actions with strategy. And when that process is supported by a suitable technology solution such as Financial Driver, it becomes a valuable management activity that can guide your organisation to future success.



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