As Accountants in Practice there are still ways to expand your business using your existing skills. What better way but to provide a new offering to your client base? You know your clients best and where they are struggling with various aspects of business management, whether it is budgeting, planning, short or long term forecasting, knowing their current cash position or being able to quickly see their key business issues.

It is well recognised using a spreadsheet has its limitations, but with a solution like Financial Driver you can help your clients utilise best practices in managing their business data collection and reporting. With Financial Driver, you could expand your Practice revenue streams in areas such as:

  • License Revenue – rental revenue from our hosted solution
  • Recurring revenue – as a rental model you will receive revenue each year your client uses the products
  • Implementation Services – you can build new or update template solutions to meet each client's requirements
  • Training on product and types of application – help your users get the best out of the solution
  • Add-on templates – development of specific application versions to meet target markets within your client base
  • Education – use Financial Driver to help develop best practices education programmes on key topics
  • Support Services – on-going support of your clients' solutions.
  • Consultancy Services – help expand the way your clients use the solution.

Benefits of the Partner program

At Financial Driver we offer a range of partner engagement models which include Referral, Distributor, Alliance, Value Added Reseller, or OEM.

Our partners enjoy benefits including:

  • Low cost mechanism for generating a revenue stream
  • Unlimited access to Financial Driver to conduct demonstrations and evaluations
  • Access to technical help and our library of templates
  • Ability to create templates that promote their way of doing things that can then be used to 'kick-start' an implementation. As a result your clients gets a better solution, faster.
  • Share in ongoing revenues. Our accredited partners are rewarded through their customers' use of Financial Driver.
To ensure clients receive the best possible solution, our partners are provided with comprehensive training that covers all aspects of setting up and using Financial Driver. They also get access to their own Financial Driver database for demonstrating or providing potential clients with a 'proof of concept' model.

Want to know more?

Partners are extremely important to us. Your success determines our success. Together, we can provide our customers with a great, modern solution, but at a fraction of the cost of other vendor solutions.

For more information or to join our partner program, contact

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