Accountants in charity

Charity or Not-for-profit Budgeting

Are you responsible for a not-for-profit or charity organization’s budget or planning process? If so we recognise you face different challenges from financial managers or accountants in the corporate world:
  • Fluctuating and unpredictable income
  • Limited and restricted funds
  • A greater need for accountability
  • More non-finance people involved in the budgeting process
  • Workers in different parts of the country or world
Being able to plan, forecast and budget accurately and with ease is crucial for charities, but it can be a real nightmare without the right tools – and many charities can’t afford or need all the frills of more specialised technologies used in the commercial world. So what choice do you have?You, end up using spreadsheets to plan and manage funds because you perceive this as a ‘low-cost” solution – but the reality is, it often costs more in wasted time, effort and resources.How to improve the charity budgeting process:Thanks to Cloud technology, charities or not-for-profits can now choose affordable budgeting and accounting tools that improve efficiency and save money.

Financial Driver is such a tool:We offer:

  • A hosted solution
  • No software to buy or hardware requirements – all you need is a standard web-browser from any internet-enabled device
  • Simple-to-learn menus that can be used by non-finance people and non-techies
  • No frills – just the basics needed for a streamlined process
  • Project-based budgeting – assign projects to project managers who can enter costs and benefits
  • Funding-based budgeting – plan subscriptions by donor and/or project
  • Flexibility to move with your business model
What you and the charity gets:
  • More time
  • More money
  • Improved efficiency
  • More people involved in the process
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Security
Call us to arrange a free demo of how Financial Driver can help save time and money in your charity budgeting process.

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