One day a couple of accountants, who happened to know a thing or two about technology, started calculating the number of hours they wasted working on spreadsheets and trying to undo the inevitable errors in them. They dreamt about having easy-to-use software that would do away with spreadsheets altogether, but would allow them the flexibility to plan, budget, re-forecast and analyse complex business data with accuracy and ease. This, they thought, would not only save time, but would give them the confidence to take informed business decisions and offer reliable strategic business advice. Of course, they didn't want it to cost a fortune and they wanted it to be simple to use and easy to install.

The result is a cloud-based solution called Financial Driver that not only does everything they dreamed of, but also integrates with a number of accounting and ERP solutions to make life simpler for business owners, sales teams and accountants everywhere.


In early 2015, Financial Driver become an official Xero add-on. Financial Driver can help Xero clients the ability to build and maintain their budgets, forecasts and long term plans enabling business owners the opportunity to better react and manage their businesses.
Financial Driver is now an official Exact add-on. Financial Driver can help Exact clients to extend their budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting capability over their standard General Ledger offering thus enabling businesses to better react and manage their business.

Distributors and Resellers
We're lucky enough to partner and work with distributors and resellers, utilising their expertise in various industries and countries around the globe, to promote Financial Driver. Would you like to be a partner? Find out more here how you grow your business selling Financial Driver?

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