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A toast to your business in 2015[/caption] At Financial Driver we bang on a lot about planning and forecasting, so we thought it might be good to share some of our plans for the business with you. Looking back at 2014, we’ve had an amazing year with many new clients gain...
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As I sit here writing this blog, we are one week away from Christmas.  That time of year we love to celebrate - although not always for the right reasons - in giving and receiving gifts.  The only trouble is that we often get presents we don't want, mainly because we in tu...
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Budgeting Maturity - Part 2

November 11, 2013
In this series of blogs we are covering the different stages of budget maturity. In my last blog I outlined budgeting when it is run as a head office exercise. I went through the pros and cons, and suggested ways in which it could be improved. In this blog I’m looking at b...
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Budgeting Maturity - Part 1

November 4, 2013
I've often written about the budget process and ways in which it can be improved. It's seen by many to be manually intensive, that takes too long, and where the figures set have no basis in reality. But it need not be like this. There are companies whose budget process adds...
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Ted Baker selects Financial Driver for More Efficient Planning and Reporting Feb 7th 2012:  Financial Driver supports one of the fastest growing brands in the UK ‘No ordinary designer label,’ Ted Baker is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the UK with a rep...
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New guide shows CFOs how to create efficient and effective budgets March 26th 2012 Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE described the annual budget round as ‘the most ineffective practice in management’. This is not surprising when you realise that the idea of the annual bu...
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Financial Driver takes spreadsheets to the next level According to Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, business users are often frustrated by the deployment cycles, costs, complicated upgrade processes, and IT infrastructure d...
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Smarter and simpler software and systems are liberating finance professionals Software is progressively deskilling, simplifying and speeding up ever-more finance processes, giving accountants more time to spend on value-added work – whatever that is? W ell, as with most th...
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Financial Driver supports one of the fastest growing brands in the UK Financial Driver has been selected by Ted Baker, ‘one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the UK, to manage the collection, consolidation, reporting and analysis of financial data for statutory a...
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