Accounting trends: how to get more clients

Accounting trends that could help you boost your practice[/caption]Do you want more clients? Sure you do. But unless you stay on top of accounting trends and work out what your customers want from you right now, your business won’t grow and you may just lose some longstanding clients to more pro-active, switched on firms.On that note, we’d like to share some tips and interesting points we picked up during a fascinating talk about global accounting trends by Ian Fletcher, Managing Director and Gordon Gilchrist, Marketing director of 2020 Innovation - at this year’s Accountex exposition at EXCEL.Accounting trends: Top 5 service linesAccording to 2020, these are the top 5 service lines or growth areas for accountants in practice:
  • Virtual financial officer or controller – by offering essential compliance and bookkeeping services virtually, you can offer your clients a quicker, cheaper service.
  • Finance Director – Clients want you to help them make more money and save tax. They will pay you a lot more to help them do this than they will for the traditional accountancy services – and guess what? They’d much rather you do it than anyone else, according to surveys done by 2020.
  • Auto-enrollment – a big opportunity for accountants in practice and it can easily be integrated in your practice using free accounting management software.
  • Wealth management – according to 2020 you’re missing a trick if you’re not already offering advice about retirement, wills, probate.  Target over50s and offer them retirement planning advice.
  • Tax payment date – Being proactive when it comes to tax payment dates, could really help you to grow your client list. Approach companies well in advance of their tax year-end and propose to help them find money to pay their tax bill that year. They wont’ say no.
Reasons your clients may want to leaveClient satisfaction surveys done by 2020 show that these are some of the things that are making your clients want to hit the road, even though they love you and are very loyal.
  • Fees and perceived value for money
  • Not enough future advice
  • Not fast enough service
GREAT TIP: Educate your customers – explain to them beforehand what exactly you’re going to be doing for them because many of them have no clue what it is you actually do and therefore begrudge your fees.How can you make your clients stay and spend more?TALK TO YOUR CLIENTS. Make time for them, schedule regular meetings with your biggest clients and then sit down, listen and try to understand them. Find out what they want from you and… GIVE IT TO THEM.UK accountants-in-practice often say they don’t have time to see clients – but you have to FIND the time, according to 2020. How do you do that?You switch to a Cloud-based accounting solution that is simple to use, easy to install and can give you the time to grow your business. We LOVE this accounting trend!Financial Driver will dramatically reduce the time you spend struggling with spreadsheets, chasing errors and getting your head around software.You’ll be able to produce analyses, reports and budgets at the drop of a hat, which means you’ll be able to add more value to your clients, act faster and they’ll be happier to pay your fees – making them feel all warm and fussy about you and making them want to stay.To find out more about Financial Driver can help you capitalize on some of the latest accounting trends CALL US TODAY on0800 0193 898 for a FREE TRIAL or contact us via email.Photo: Free Digital Photos.Net - Tiramisustudios


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