Advantages of Cloud computing for SMEs #nobrainer

Cloud computing for SMEs To jump or not to jump?[/caption]To jump or not to jump – that is the question. As the CFO or CEO, you’ve got the unenviable task of deciding whether to make your company take the giant leap into the Cloud. Everyone seems to be doing it but that usually isn’t a good enough reason to do something, you tell yourself.What if it turns out to be more expensive? What about client data security? How will the staff get their heads around it?Statistics tell us that in 2014 more than two thirds (70%) of small businesses and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have stated that an early adoption of the Cloud will be an important factor to contribute to the growth of their business in the next 12 months.Although it is admittedly a big leap, the advantages of Cloud computing for SMES, particularly when it comes to accounting – are fast turning this decision into a no-brainer.So, what are the advantages of Cloud computing?Save costs – let’s start with the most obvious and important one. Companies that have switched to the Cloud, save money. Sure, there is usually a monthly or annual subscription fee to the Cloud vendor, but this is offset by the lack of a licence fee for software.Companies often also see a significant reduction in IT costs – because the technical support, upgrade, hardware, training and maintenance costs associated with traditional software – are included in the subscription fee for the Cloud application.  No more down time in getting new hardware or upgrading software.And because there are so many more Cloud applications around, they’re getting cheaper all the time. Financial Driver is very competitively priced - and aimed at growing SMEs with modest budgets.Strategic advantage for SMEsAs an SME changing to the Cloud you’ll be an early adopter (although not for very much longer) and the money and time you save, as well as the business insights and agility you’ll gain by using the Cloud, will put you miles ahead of any competitors in your industry who’ve been dragging their heels in making the move.Flexibility – For a growing SME one of the biggest advantages of the Cloud is that allows you to upscale and downscale your business to accommodate your needs and changes. From an accounting point of view, this means your business can grow organically without you having to pay a fortune in accounting fees every time.A cultural shift – There is no doubt that a leap into the Cloud brings about a cultural shift in the business which goes way beyond the technological shift – your business will ‘grow up’ and join the big boys’ or girls’ club overnight.It will revolutionise the way you work – and reverberate across the business to touch every member of staff.Closer collaboration – information shared in the Cloud will enable collaboration across departments – because there is one version of the truth held in the Cloud – accessible across the business, but held in one central, accessible location.But what about Data security, we hear you say? Encryption through the Cloud vendor ensures your data stays safe, as well as ensuring the vendor uses 100% secure server sites.Business intelligence – With a financial services Cloud application such as Financial Driver – the scope of information provided about what’s going on in the business and the ability to collate information and to create reports, plans and projections enables the CFO or business owner to stay on top of the business, be more proactive and quicker to react to problems.This data visualization for finance is transforming the way SMEs work, by making complex financial data simple and accessibly.If you’d like to see how a financial services Cloud application like Financial Driver can transform your business – contact us for a demo today.And, if you haven’t yet taken the leap – and we know you’ve been thinking about it, there can’t be a better time. There are really no downsides to switching to the Cloud. We believe it’s a no-brainer. What are you waiting for?Do you agree – any questions? Leave your comments below.Photo by Iamharin from Freedigitalphotos.net


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