Xerocon London 2015 – more thrilling than Fifty shades of Grey

More exciting than Fifty shades of Grey[/caption]Let’s be honest an event hosted by an IT software company for accountants doesn’t exactly shout thrill or excitement. But if that’s what you’re thinking, you’d be so wrong.Our key managers Gill Goddard and Andreas Scheffler were among 800 accounting industry professionals who downed tools to attend the popular expo at Battersea Evolution earlier this month.  If you were there, they would’ve caught your eye in their high visibility orange jackets and hard hats.  (Not a very sexy look, we know, but it helped us stand out as the ideal business toolkit in the Cloud)They share some of their impressions of the two-day event:(Photo credit: Free Digital Photos - Patrisyu)Sex appeal Whereas a few years ago, Xerocon attracted only a handful of nerdy number crunchers, the event has become like the Oscars of the accounting industry, complete with razzmatazz, celeb speakers and glitzy awards dinner.Boasting its own official app, a 45m stage and several breakout rooms, the conference is seriously sexy – nothing boring about it.[caption id="attachment_2030" align="alignleft" width="300"]
Here we are with the Xu Magazine team[/caption]   Cosy-ing up to the right peopleAs one of the latest Xero add-on products (see our previous blog post),     Financial Driver has enjoyed getting up close and personal with the Xero  team, who helped us get our product ready for the Add-on marketplaceThere’s just something about them… [caption id="attachment_2032" align="alignright" width="300"]
Xerocon Selfie: Gill and Andreas at Xerocon London 2015[/caption]   Trendy topics a real turn-on Being at Xerocon allows you to soak up trends and tips from some of the country’s leading experts. Whether you’re an accountant flirting with the idea of  growing your practice or a small business desiring new software, you can’t help coming away feeling inspired and itching to implement new ideas and tools… Seducing potential clients Xerocon is the perfect place to arouse the interest of likeminded people and potential customers - flitting from stand to stand like butterflies waiting for you to seduce them with a slick elevator pitch.We loved meeting the team from Xu magazine – the magazine run by Xero-users, the Accounting Web team and even managed to get ourselves mentioned on the Bookkeepers channel.As for potential clients, we’ve exchanged Vcards with many accountants in practice and business, who are keen to escape spreadsheet hell and mature into a Cloud-based business solution.Some of the accountants in practice are keen to find out how they can use Financial Driver, particularly now that we’re a Xero add-on to boost their revenue streams.We also chatted up a few accountants in local government and public sector, keen to find simple, cost-effective ways to manage their finances.[caption id="attachment_2031" align="alignright" width="225"]
Gill gets into the spirit - wacky Wednesday afternoon[/caption]The F factorXerocon spells fun with a capital F.  How often do you get a chance to swap your suit for a builder’s outfit, stuff your face with yummy free snacks and play at being an accountancy celeb!We got a bit carried away with wacky Wednesday photographs on the second day of the conference – and that was before the cocktails!If you’ve missed this year’s Xerocon London – (not very clever on your part was it?) don’t make the same mistake next year.We’re already preparing for the next Xerocon event in the US in June this year.And trust us, we won’t be paying to be there, if it wasn’t worth every penny.We’re accountants after all!If you did attend Xerocon 2015 London, we’d love for you to share your impressions – comment below please. 


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