Xerocon 2015: Make the most of your visit

Wear sensible shoes to Xerocon 2015[/caption]So, you’re going to Xerocon at Battersea Evolution London on the 10th and 11th of February and you're counting the sleeps.But before you rush headfirst into the sea of exhibitors like a toddler storming into a toy store take a moment to reflect on what you want to get out of your visit. Without some practical planning you could end up going round in circles with nothing but sore feet, frustrations and a bucket load of flyers to show for it at the end of the day.Gill Goddard, Product Manager of Financial Driver, who will be exhibiting at Xerocon, shares her top tips for getting the most from your visit.Be a woman (or a man) on a mission: Know what you want - what are your goals? Do you want to find potential business partners, better ways of working? Jot down your goals and look at the list of exhibitors and speakers. Now plan your time, roughly allocating the biggest chunk of your time to the most important goal and so on.It's who you know: Identify people you'd like to meet or listen to. Maybe one of the speakers is a role model you've admired for years - work out how you can talk to them or who can introduce you. You could even try to contact them before the show or when you get there to set up an appointment during the day. Then plan your browsing and other activities around your appointments and the talks you're attending.Ask the right questions: Prepare a list of questions you'd like answered beforehand, identify people you think will be able to answer them and target them first.Manage your time: Seek out the people and companies who can help you achieve your goals. Don't get sucked into or stuck in dead end conversations. Make a polite exit by saying something like: "Thank you, that was very interesting, but I’ve got to go as my next appointment is in five minutes."Don't be shy: This is not the time to shrink back into wallflower mode - Talk to as many people as you can and tell them what you're looking for. Keep it specific, short and sweet: “I’m looking for ways to expand my accountancy business – how can your product help someone in my position?Leave killer heels at home: Wear sensible (but stylish shoes) unless you want to be hobbling around by lunchtime. The event is large and you want to be comfortable and Xerocon is a relaxed but informative affair.After the fact: Follow up any contacts you made after the show with a friendly email the following week, an invitation to link on Linked In or connect on social media.Do you have any other tips to share?  Whatever you do, make sure you schedule in a visit to the Financial Driver stand at the Xerocon show. We’re friendly and love putting names to faces and meeting new people. Look out for a splash of orange!To schedule a meeting with Gill at Xerocon - contact her today.Find out more about how Financial Driver works as a Xero add-on.


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