Financial solutions for SMEs: Our aims for 2015

A toast to your business in 2015[/caption]At Financial Driver we bang on a lot about planning and forecasting, so we thought it might be good to share some of our plans for the business with you.Looking back at 2014, we’ve had an amazing year with many new clients gained, partnerships created and ongoing improvements to the product.Growing SMEs need financial solutionsAnd what this year has taught us, is that the people who need our product most – are the owners of SMEs – medium-sized business who have outgrown Excel spreadsheets and are looking for an easy to use, no fuss and importantly affordable, one-stop solution to their financial problems.Our new clients are blown away every time with the ease of set-up and how user-friendly the product is – they’re literally up and running within a couple of days.Helping accountants to grow their businessesThe other areas where we’re seeing a massive growth potential are accountants in practice. As accountants are increasingly expanding their services to offer business consulting to their clients, they have a need for a modern planning application that replaces spreadsheets for collecting and consolidating budgets, forecasts and reporting actual results. By using Financial Driver and using it for their clients, accountants are not only saving their clients time and money – but seeing the same benefits for their own businesses.We’re looking forward to being at several exhibitions around the UK this year and hope to show accountants how Financial Driver can help them grow their businesses.Financial solutions for charities, schools and local government organisationsThe other areas where we see a need for cost-effective financial solutions – are the not-for-profit, education and local government sectors. Slashed budgets often mean a lack of financial and IT skills.  The benefit of having a user-friendly one-stop business solution in the Cloud – is that it can transform the budgeting, planning and forecasting functions in these organisations. One of our new partners specialises in financial solutions for not-for-profits and will provide us with case studies to show the difference our product can make. We’ve also signed up a group of schools in the Middle East – so, watch this space for their feedback.Growing our partnership base It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Financial Driver is spreading like wildfire – during 2014 we’ve grown our partnerships across the world, including Australia, the US, Nigeria and the Middle East and we’ll continue to expand into the New Year. Find out more about our partners here.And if you are interested in becoming a partner – you can read more about the benefits of joining us here.Ongoing product developmentAs you’ll know, the industry is constantly changing and competition is fierce. It’s therefore important that our product constantly evolves to continue to remain competitive and provide in our clients’ needs.We’ve got some exciting developments in the pipeline – so, subscribe to our newsletter here to stay up-to-date with our latest news.We’d like to hear about your plans too – the more we know about your issues and the problems that are making you lie awake at night, the harder we can work to come up with solutions for you.Do share the load and let us know what your plans, worries and frustrations are for the year ahead.Comment below or contact us with your views.Happy New Year from the team at Financial Driver!Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net: Rosen Georgiev


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