Press Release: Financial Driver Announces V14 of its Enterprise Planning and Reporting Solution.

21st May 2014Financial Driver today announced release V14 of its flagship budgeting, forecasting and reporting application. This release provides a new ‘look and feel’ for all users to maintain and support an application, as well as extended functionality to enter and load data.Being a cloud-based solution, means that all Financial Driver customers will be upgraded automatically to the new version where they can take immediate advantage of the latest release.
Gill Goddard, Product Development Director, emphasised that the new release continues the company’s focus on ‘ease of use’. “Many vendors in this space claim that their products are easy to use, and then they present customers with a multi-day training program. At Financial Driver our product really is ‘easy to use’ with most customers requiring just a few hours of training to learn the complete product.”Gill went on to say “This release has significant new functionality, but I can say with confidence that our customers will be able to pick up the new capabilities and benefit from them in just a few minutes. That’s the benefit of the cloud and the way we implement solutions.”Financial Driver version 14 contains an updated, modern ‘look and feel’ including:
  • New home page with an overview panel that shows the status of data that has been requested.
  • Collapsible and expandable side menu that now provides more workspace
  • New legend on data entry sheets that indicate the type of cell and whether it is open for data entry.
  • Ability to lock periods and years by version that is respected by data entry screens and data load options
  • New spreading facility that uses administrator defined profiles
  • Addition of a Library tab where new web reports prepared by Administrator are kept that enable users to review data for their cost centres
  • New data load capability where any account or unit code can be mapped and summarised. There is also a new option to batch load data so the user doesn’t have to wait until the task is to complete in order to leave the system or perform another task.
To see screenshots of the new release, Financial Driver has produced an overview page at www.financialdriver.com/V14.
Financial Driver is a modern planning and reporting application that is easy to learn and quick to set up. It automates the collection of budgets and forecasts from different departments, which are then consolidated to provide a range of management reports. The same system can also be used to track actual performance and provide on-line comparatives to management at all levels.www.financialdriver.com


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