Online Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Online Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Over the past year, the demand for online or cloud-based solutions has really taken off.  This is particularly true of budgeting and forecasting software solutions that are having a dramatic impact on organizations looking to streamline these key management processes.
In recent years, the success of apps for smart phones and tablet computers has caused businesses to review the way in which they interact with customers and prospects.  The advantages of this approach have been simplicity and the ability to communicate irrespective of device.  To do this requires information to be manipulated, to reside on the Internet inside a secure central database that identifies individual users and supplies them only with relevant information. That same concept is now being applied to budgeting and forecasting software – online software such as Financial Driver.  This innovative application has a central database that is stored in the cloud. Organisations are given a unique portion of this database where they can define what accounts are to be budgeted, for which departments, along with the users who can enter and review submissions.   Once set the system can then manage the submission process by contacting users and informing them of what they need to enter.  This can be done through any connected online device be it PC, tablet or smart phone. Administrators are kept informed of the status of submissions and can at any time request a complete consolidation of all results for reporting and analysis.  Once the budget has been finalised, Financial Driver can then be used to load actual results that can be viewed by users, so that they can enter the latest forecasts. All of which is quick and easy to achieve.
The benefits of an online budgeting and forecasting software do not stop with simplicity of set up and ease of access.  It's also incredibly cost effective. With Financial Driver there are no upfront fees, no software to buy or load, no hardware to run, no annual maintenance fees and no large implementation consultancy costs.  All are replaced with a low monthly rental fee that can be switched off at any time. Take a look at our Overview to see all the features available from our budgeting software. Why not find out for yourself what an online budgeting and forecasting system can do for your budget management? Try a free trial of Financial Driver today!    


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