Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Enterprise budgeting and forecasting software are, by nature, systems that interact with many people.   And because those people will have different roles and responsibilities, it's vital for those systems to identify who each user is and to supply them with relevant information in a secure and appropriate way. And in today's mobile 24/7 world, those users will want access from a variety of locations using a range of devices - smart phones, tablets, PCs - all of which can add complexity and cost to any solution provided.  But fortunately, the cost and complexity of these solutions is falling fast, thanks to the introduction of on-line, cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software solutions such as Financial Driver.
For many organisations, collecting budgets or forecasts involves the use of spreadsheets.  With this approach, each sheet has to be manually customised for each user/department and sent out.  They then have to be tracked and users chased up as to the status of submissions.  Once sent back, those submissions need to be checked, approved and collated onto a master spreadsheet for reporting and analysis.  And if anything is wrong or there needs to be a second pass, then the whole process must be repeated.
Enterprise budgeting and forecasting software transforms this process by automating what gets collected, at what time and from which users.  For example, Financial Driver customises for each user the data to be collected, providing comparatives when available. This means the same budgeting system can be used to report actuals and collect forecasts, allowing users to analyse what's working and what isn't. And because it is on-line and cloud based, this enterprise budgeting and forecasting software solution, interacts with users from any location via the Internet, and from any device. For example an administrator can start the budget process from his office based PC, users can enter submissions offsite via a tablet, while those reviewing and approving submissions can do it from their smart phone.
In each case there is no software to be installed or data to be moved.  All they need is a login to the secure, central database which then restricts what each user can see and do.  From here they respond to the instructions supplied through Financial Driver's integrated workflow capability featured in our budgeting and forecasting software. As well as being simple to use - the complete training course for an administrator is only a couple of hours, while none is required for those entering and approving budgets or forecasts. The system also has an incredibly low cost; there is no upfront fee or annual maintenance costs, just a low monthly rental fee that is a fraction of that charged by other budget software vendors. Find out for yourself just how Financial Driver can transform your enterprise budgeting and forecasting needs. Take our free trial or take a look at the overview of our budget software to see how your business can benefit from Financial Driver.    


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