Extend the Value of Excel with Budgeting Software

Expand on Excel Features

Excel is probably one of the best loved, most innovative and useful of all PC business applications.  In just a few minutes it can be configured to load data from a general ledger to produce an impressive looking profit & loss report with graphics.  With the use of formulae that same report can be turned into a driver based budget whose results can be compared with actual and forecast data.It's intuitive to use with extensive formatting capabilities that allows numbers to be mixed with textual comments and variances to have intelligent colour coding.  It's versatility means that the most complex of report layouts are easily achieved.And that's the problem.  Because no other budgeting software system comes close to such flexibility, users are prepared to put up with all the issues that arise when collecting and collating budgets from multiple users.Problems such as version control - making sure budgets are entered using the latest spreadsheet; ensuring users don't insert or delete lines that would then give integrity problems on consolidation; and the hassle of sending out sheets, getting users to send then back on time, and consolidating them.
Modern budgeting software fixes many of these issues by providing a central database that automates the collection and collating of data, but users are then faced with poor reporting and analysis capabilities that are not a patch on what they are used to when using a spreadsheet.Not only that, the solutions are often complex to use – administrator training often lasting a week – and they are expensive.  What users really want from a budgeting software solution is the flexibility of a spreadsheet when reporting but without the associated problems.  And that's exactly what they get with Financial Driver.
Unlike other budget software applications, Financial Driver was designed to complement spreadsheets for budgeting, forecasting and the generation of management reports, not replace them.  With a few simple commands, Financial Driver can automate the collection and consolidation process, ensuring that everyone submits the data you want, when you want it.  The built-in workflow capabilities remind people what they need to do and keeps you informed of the status of submissions.Once approved, data is then automatically consolidated and made available to Excel as a 'cub' file.  This allows users to create their own reports using the full capabilities of Excel, while retaining the security and power of a central database.  It's the best of both worlds and what's more, it's simple and cost effective.If you're looking for effective budget management, don't replace your spreadsheet - extend it’s value by using Financial Driver. For full details on all the features of our budgeting software, take a look at the Overview section. 


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