Features of our Financial Budget Software

Features of Our Financial Budget Software

Working with multiple spreadsheets and trying to consolidate data between them to analyse is difficult; 60% of Finance Directors complain of them being inefficient and inadequate when used as a budgeting and forecasting system so here at Financial Driver we decided it was time for a change.Designed by accountants for accountants, our financial budget software is incredibly simple to use for anyone that has access to it. Implemented in just a few days, our software allows administrators to set up and trigger a budget process in just a few clicks – and Financial Driver will then collect the information within the time specified, saving you the trouble of chasing it up yourself.
Users are given a ‘to do’ list to follow which guides them through the submission process; this provides users with everything they need to know about completing and submitting information. Data can be saved as different versions so that all the steps of forecasting and budgeting can clearly be seen, making it easier to pinpoint any decisions or mistakes that have been made on the way.If deadlines are missed, Financial Driver will automatically chase up the departments that haven’t submitted and will alert those controlling the process. Once data has been approved, departments are locked out of the system to prevent any unauthorised changes – providing you with a fully secure, tamper proof system.Because our financial budget software only uses one copy of data, it allows for easy analysis from any business dimension that is always up to date. It can also go on to collect forecasts that can span months or even years, providing you with a full picture of any changes and allowing you to plan your strategies much more effectively.
If all of that isn’t enough, our financial budget software is available for just one low monthly payment, unlike other budget management solutions that are available on the market. Why not take a look at the Overview to find out more about our products and services? Alternatively, contact us directly to talk about your business requirements.


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