Why Use Budget and Forecasting Software?

Why Use Budget and Forecasting Software

Are you currently using spreadsheets to consolidate your data? Does the task of collating the data from individual spreadsheets require substantial amounts of time and effort? Would you like an easier and more efficient way to combine your data into one simple format that is easily accessible?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to take look at the budget and forecasting software provided by Financial Driver. Budgeting is often known as the most inefficient practice in management, and this is largely because the consolidation of data is time consuming to say the least, not to mention the fact that spreadsheets only show data in one format at a time so the analysis of data can be much more difficult.Just how safe is your financial data? The problem with spreadsheets is that they can easily be changed and altered by one individual, and this data then becomes the truth. This can be a huge problem if figures don’t match up because it will be difficult to source the issue, especially if a number of people have access to the data.The budget and forecasting software from Financial Driver provides a simple, comprehensive solution to all your data issues. Easy to set up and even easier to use, our budget and forecasting software provides users with great control over all their data while offering powerful reporting and analytics. Most importantly, our software utilises a sophisticated security system that controls what users can do and see, so different levels of access can be offered to different staff and departments.
Many of the budgeting and forecasting software solutions available on the market are highly priced without much return on investment, whereas Financial Driver offer incredibly useful solutions that really will save your business money in the form of staff time and reduced incorrect data, all for one low cost per month.Save yourself and your company from being overloaded with spreadsheets and stress by choosing budget and forecasting software from Financial Driver. For more information about the functionality and benefits of our budget planner software please take a look at the Overview section.


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