Collaborative Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting solutions

Our solutions help management improve organisational performance.
They are ideally suited to those who want to move away from
spreadsheet-based systems and the issues they cause.


Fed up with spreadsheet
errors in your budgets
forecasts and reports?


Don’t want to spend a fortune
on new accounting software?


Are your mistakes costing the
business time and money?

Who is Financial Driver?

We know how you feel. We used to rely on spreadsheets for our budgets, forecasts and plans too.
Our mistakes cost us time and money, but we didn’t have the budget for expensive accounting software either. So, we built Financial Driver for accountants – by accountants.

What is Financial Driver?

A low-cost, easy-to-use Cloud-based financial solution for better budgets, forecasts and plans, whether you work for an accounting firm, business, charity or government organisation. Look at our generic product overview or choose one of the categories below to find out how Financial Driver can help make your life easier.

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Who are you?

I work in practice

I work in business

I work for a charity

I work in the public sector 

What Financial Driver can do for you:

Budgeting without the pain

  • Cut your planning cycle from months to weeks
  • Involve more people
  • Build plans by project or business unit – including multiple projects, units

Speed up the month-end close

  • Shorten the month-end close cycle
  • Provide better analysis to support business decisions

Accurate forecasts on the go

  • Adapt and re-forecast your plans quickly and easily
  • Understand the impact of changes on your cash flow and profitability
  • Don’t rely on spreadsheets

Why you should try Financial Driver today

Save time

Involve more

24/7 access

Easy to use


Low cost, risk


Cloud based


“As the brand grew … sending Excel spreadsheets to ever more members of the team was fraught with problems. With Financial Driver we have eliminated the time and cost of checking sheets, re-inputting or re-pasting figures, and the issues with linking and collating data. We can now focus on producing meaningful and useful reports for the business.” A Fashion Retailer

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